hpsx64 v012

October 14th, 2013, 03:09

hpsx64 ist ein neuer experimenteller Playstation Emulator für x64 basierte Betriebssysteme. Ein früher Build für Windows ist im Source Download des Emulator mit enthalten.

Full Program Name: Highly-Experimental Playstation Simulator x64
Program Author: TheGangster
Platforms: Windows 64-bit


hps1x64 - Playstation 1 simulator
Status: In development - Pre-initial Source code and binary release - Development/Testing usage only
Current Version:
v012 - pre-initial release 12 - CD fixes, DMA fixes, COP2 fixes. Improved compatibility.
Older Versions:
v011 - pre-initial release 11 - improved XA, Timer overhaul, SIO/PAD fixes, CPU fixes. Improved compatibility.
v010 - pre-initial release 10 - SPU/LSA fixes, CD fixes (getparam, sector reads), COP2 delay slot fix, Auto Pause fixes, DMA2 fixes. Improved compatibility.
v009 - pre-initial release 9 - MDEC Overhaul. GUI fixes, CD fixes, SPU fixes. Improved compatibility.
v008 - pre-initial release 8 - Auto Pause implemented, GPU fixes, CD fixes, SPU fixes. Improved compatibility.
v007 - pre-initial release 7 - Disk change support, CDDA fixes, GPU fixes, COP2 fixes. Improved compatibility. Improved accuracy.
v006 - pre-initial release 6 - R3000A fixes. COP2 fixes. SPU fixes. CD fixes. improved compatibility.
v005 - pre-initial release 5 - improved speed, improved compatibility, improved accuracy
v004 - pre-initial release 4 - reverb support, dithering support, improved speed, improved compatibility
v003 - pre-initial release 3 - improved compatibility, bin/img/iso/cue/ccd/sub support, memory card support, joystick support, preliminary sound support.
v002 - pre-initial release 2 - improved compatibility, improved speed, improved accuracy. If something is not working, try enabling analog first thing.
v001 - pre-initial release - only use this version if you intend to test or evaluate progress
v000 - pre-initial evaluation only release

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