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PSP Downgraders/Unbrickers Section

This is the Whole collection of PSP Firmware Downgraders/Unbrickers, Read and ask questions before attempting anything.

Pandora`s Battery, Unbrick and Downgrade any PSP.

Hen for 3.50
3.50 Downgrader
3.03 Downgrader
2.80 Downgrader
2.50/2.60 TIFF Downdater
Easy Downgrader for v2.71
Easy Downgrader for v2.5/2.6 PSP
Generic Downgrader for 2.71
PSP Downgrader for v1.5 PSP
PSP Downgrader for v2.0 PSP
PSP Downgrader for v2.5/2.6 PSP
PSP Downgrader for 2.71 PSP
TA-082 Downgrader
Downgrader For TA-079 And TA-086
Upgrader/Downgrader for v3.11 PSPs
Unbricker for ALL PSP's inc Slim

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