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PSP Homebrew

Name =Xpong

Authors /Website = TeamXhack


Downloads = Here 17th November 2005

Information =

---XPong by TeamXHack---

Intro: Xpong is a version of pong written in lua. It is based off of other pong clones that have been written. It is a two player game.

1.50- Run from Lowser, by browsing to XPong directory and starting index.lua.

2.00- Browse to UserLua directory and start index.lua


0.5- Initial Release. Basic functions and features.
0.6- Added score

To Do:
1. Add single player mode.
2. Add sound
3. Possibly more..

Player 1: Up-Up, Down-down
Player 2: Triangle-Up, X-Down
Select=Exit Game


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