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NAME Wonderstation

Description WonderStation is a WonderSwan Emulator for the Playstation 2 Console.






- First public release

This is the result of a few days of work, after discussing
with 7not6 on which emulators could be quickly ported and
seeing that "Mr Driller" was available on this one ... !
Remember those days on the dc ... :)

Unfortunatly, due to a severe lack of motivation, I don't
think I will continue to develop this emu, and rather
prefer to go on with other more interesting and funny
projects, so this could the first and last release !
I wasn't intending to release it but I've been convinced
by <G> to release it in a more or less usable stage, in
case someone would like to continue it. Else it could
still can be usefull to somemone.. could..

The emulator is quite already in an advanced stage, and
source code should be quite easy to understand.

Oh, yes, before you complain, the emulator still miss sound..
I know it sucks, but it has experimental HDD support amd
a nice GUI ... ... aaah you're smiling ;)

The HDD code has been added to the 7not6 browser, so that
others emu using it (so almost all) can be updated quicly !

see below, for current & missing features.

Enjoy !



OSwanPS2 is a port of Oswan, a Bandai WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color
emulator developed by David Raingeard for Windows 9x.
This port is for use on the Sony PS2 and was developed using the PS2SDK.

Oswan/PS2 is not endorsed by Bandai in any way and is produced without
the use of any copyrighted material which belongs to Sony Computer
Entertainment Inc, or any other party.

Oswan/PS2 should only be used to play games that the user legally owns.
Oswan/PS2 must never be distributed with any copyrighted games or other
material. Any breach of these terms is out of the authors control and
is not at the authors consent.

Oswan/PS2 is a free sofware. You may copy and distribute it as much as
you like assuming that you respect the above conditions.

The Oswan/PS2 source code is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License.

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