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Name = Wifi Jukebox

Authors /Website = Globware (


Downloads =

Download WiFi Jukebox Server (Zip File) for Windows. (Full Install)

Download WiFi Jukebox Server (Zip File) for Windows. (EXE Only - Overwrite existing exe to upgrade)

Download WiFi Jukebox Client (Zip File) for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

WiFi Jukebox v0.1c for PSP released which adds L1/R1 to quick scroll through your music library, added X:Auto Play On/Off, and fixed a few bugs. WiFi Jukebox Server has also been updated to v0.0.2 which improves reliability when dropping connections and fixed bug with reload button.

V0.1b 26th September 2005

* Fixed a bug when scrolling past the last song in the library, would freeze the PSP.

windows v0.0.1 25th September 2005

psp version 0.1 25th September 2005


WiFi Jukebox is a client/server application which sends MP3's from your Windows PC to your PSP using WiFi and an Access Point.

The jukebox in this release is a very simple MP3 player which plays music from a user created playlist, or by selecting one file and after it is done playing the next song will play and so forth.

The PSP Jukebox creates two 10 meg buffers to hold the song it is playing and to queue up the next song to play. So MP3's larger than 10 megs will be skipped by the client currently since it doesn't use true streaming.

Once the first song is buffered it will being playing and the next song will be sent. Once both songs are buffered then you can press R1 to skip the current song and being playing the next song.

WiFi Jukebox PSP client uses libmad for mp3 decoding.

NOTE: Doesn't decode low bit rates correctly.

WiFi Jukebox Requirements

Windows 98 - Windows XP for the Server
Wireless Access Point
PSP using static ip network conneciton

Read the server readme.txt file first, then the client second for complete instructions!

NOTE: This is a very early beta release.

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