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PSP Homebrew

Name = Wedgewars

Authors /Website = Alex Carroll /


Downloads = Here v0.1 11th August 2005

Well, it's better than my ButtonMatch game...


Wedgewars / v0.1 / 11th August 2005



Another ropey bit of Lua homebrew by Alex Carroll - Uses Shine's amazing LuaPlayer 0.7b (i think) see for the latest version of the player. And no, I've not forgotten about ButtonMatch...


Version History:

v0.1 / 11th August 2005

First public release. It's probably not quite ready yet, but I'll feel more motivated to work on it now it's out there. =)


How to install:

1.0 users need to copy all the files from "Wedgewars" (without the %) into the folder, except (obviously) eboot.pbp, otherwise the game won't run. At all. Files you need to copy: "fire.wav", "land.wav", "script.lua", "tanx_back.png" and "tank_intro.png". *

1.5 users simply drop the two folders inside the "1.5" directory into the usual place in PSP/GAME/. Shine's LuaPlayer is quite happy with hiding corrupted files with something like SEI, too, so don't worry about that.

Please note that the 1.0 eboot file is untested.


How to play:

Well, it's not terribly deep just yet. It's essentially a little 'Tanx' clone, using cute 2D vector graphics - and requires two players otherwise it's a bit dull (no AI yet). Player one uses the Dpad to move and aim the turret, and holds left trigger for power (think Worms' Bazooka). Player two uses the face buttons on the other side, and right trigger for power. Simply try and hit each other with the shells...


To come:

* Enemy AI for one player modes.
* Lots more modes (target practice, basketball etc)
* Scoring/Lives/Damage in 2 player modes, that sort of thing.
* Better Sound (I'm thinking whistling stereo bullets)
* More levels (than just the dull flat one)
* Bouncing shells (off the walls at the sides)
* Explosions
* Other stuff, probably.



Shine might have his own thoughts on LuaPlayer's copyright but THIS SOURCE CODE may NOT appear on any eBay auction (links, downloads, CDs or otherwise) or ANY pre-built memory stick if any cash or other monetary value changes hands. It's FREE!

Everyone else can post it to their sites/blogs if they want, no exceptions as of now. Any comments or suggestions please email to

Neither the code NOR this readme may be edited before posting it on your site.

The code's well commented - might be of use to someone...

Neither I or anyone associated with this homebrew can accept any responsibility for any damage caused to your PSP should you choose to use it.

* - yes, it was previously called "Tanx"

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