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Name = VBA for PSP (GameboyAdvance Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = PSP Wiki


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Downloads = VBA for PSP v004? Here September 18th 2005

Tonight we got our hands on what seems to be a newer version of the GBA emulator for the PSP, the last release was in June and i can verify its the same emulator but the file size and date on the file shows todays date. the emulator does seem faster although i have no way of being 100% correct, so with that in mind for those interested, check out what for now we have named VBA For PSP v004?

VBA for PSP v003 Here june 23rd 2005

Several Users have informed me that the new release has new features and even sound in this release, heres a rundown of features found:

Pushing Right/Left on the Analogue stick turns sound on and off.

Pushing Up/Down on the Analogue Stick turns the background from Black (222mhz), Blue(possibly 266mhz) to Red (333mhz)
this does give a noticeable speed difference on the Red Background.

Pressing Triangle and Square increase or decrease frame Skipping.

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VBA for PSP Here june 21st 2005

Information =

Game Boy Advance Emulator for the PSP

No Sound and Slow but it works :)

One rom at a time and renamed rom to rom.gba

folder must be named vbapsp too

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