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Emulators for PSP

Name = Uo SnesPSP TYL (Snes Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Smiths

Screenshots -

Downloads = snes9xtyl v0.1u1 8/26/05

Information = Unnofficial Version of Snes9xTYL for PSP

Smiths plays with code and creates snes9xtyl v0.1u1
Tellah once said: "You spoony bard!"
And the world was changed forever.
So enjoy the older v0.1 of snes9xTYL with an added key config support.
I know some of you are still using it, so uhh... keep using what makes ya happy.

This really shouldn't be posted anywhere except the official forums becauseit's just something I threw together on a 100 degree morning.
The readme was done after no sleep as well.
Kittens are nuts.

+ Added Key Configuration support
- saves to key.cfg
- if no key.cfg, loads defaults
- basically the same as NeoCDPSP's key configuration support
+ Tweaked menu browsing
- I don't like selecting "- - - - - -"

Props to the TYL team, and if all y'all out there think 0.2 rocked yer socks, wait till the next version ;)

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