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Name = uo_Snes9x 0.02pd

Authors /Website = / / Andon

Screenshots -

Downloads = Here v0.02pd2 29th July 2005

+ SceGU is now double buffered.
+ For the 1x display mode using SceGU, a new optimization is used that triples the RAM to VRAM transfer rate.
+ Moved the old "Show Debug Info" option from the Display Config to the new Debugger menu.
+ The Snes9x error handler is MUCH more advanced now.
>> It displays relevant config options and also offers to display callstack info now.
+ Yoshi's Island runs now, although extremely slowly :)

Here v0.02pd1 Updated 15th july 2005

Information = Snes emulator for the PSP :)

uo_Snes9x 0.02pd1

This is the first version of the PSP Dev. unofficial Snes9x PSP port... It is
based off of uo_Snes9x 0.02y11J3a5.

-*- To Open The Menu: (Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Select) -*-

Most importantly in this release, a new bit blit backend has been added. This
new backend allows the viewport to be stretched without any performance hit, and
also allows for extremely fast bilinear filtering and HiRes mode.

The new bit blit backend is enabled by default, if for some reason you want to
use the old backend (pg), you may select it from the display config menu.

Bilinear filtering is available (and enabled by default) if you're using the
sceGu bit blit backend. Do not worry, enabling this has no impact on perform-
ance at all - it is merely an asthetic preference.

The 'Fit' screen size becomes '4:3' (and is the new default) when using the
sceGu bit blit backend. Again, when using the sceGu bit blit backend, changing
the screen size will not impact performance.

HiRes mode is not suggested, very few games use this feature... The ones that do
typically only use it for short periods of time during gameplay, like the title
screen. If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need to enable it.

The battery info text has been translated to English, the confirmation dialogs
will be translated in 0.02pd2.

Compressing or Decompressing an existing state save will no longer change its

See the included CHANGELOG.txt file for any additional changes... Note that most
of the info in there is pretty technical.

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