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Name = Unofficial SNES9x for PSP

Authors /Website = / / Y

Screenshots -


Downloads = Here v0.02y32 Aug 18th 2005

Here v0.02y31 Aug 1st 2005

Changes in this version include Game Genie support, and correctioni of Mode 7 drawing. Y also had the following to say:

fixed the bugs introduced in y30, and added support for Game Genie codes. The PC
edited codes are shown in a reference column.

I will rest for a while until the next release.

Here v0.02y30 July 31st 2005

– Added cheats function.
– Changed around the menu.
– Fixed some GFX bugs and trivial optimization.
– Other minor adjustments.

Here v0.02y29 Updated 24th july 2005

Here v0.02y28N1 Updated 22nd july 2005

Here v0.02y28 Updated 15th july 2005

Here v0.02y27 Updated 12th july 2005

Here v0.02y25 Updated 9th july 2005

Here v0.02y24 Updated 7th july 2005

Here v0.02y23 Updated 6th july 2005

Here v0.02y11j2a5 Updated 6th july 2005 (andon)

Here v0.02y22 Updated 5th july 2005

Here v0.02y21 Updated 3rd july 2005

Here v0.02y20 Updated 3rd july 2005

Here v0.02y19 Updated 2nd july 2005

Here v0.02y18 Updated 1st july 2005

Here v0.02y17 Updated 30th June 2005

Here v0.02y16 Updated 29th June 2005

Here v0.02y15 Updated 27th June 2005

Here v0.02y14 Updated 26th June 2005

Here v0.02y13 Updated 23rd June 2005

Here v0.02y12 Updated 22nd June 2005

Here v0.02y11j3 Updated 15th June 2005

Here v0.02y11 Updated 15th June 2005

Here v0.02y10 Updated 14th June 2005

Here v0.02y9 Updated 13th June 2005

Here v0.02y8d Updated 12th June 2005

Here v0.02y8c Updated 12th June 2005

Here v0.02y8b Updated 11th June 2005

Here v0.02y8a Updated 11th June 2005

Here v0.02y8 Updated 11th June 2005

Here v0.02y7 Updated 10th June 2005

Here v0.02y6j2 Updated 8th June 2005

Here v0.02y6 Updated 8th June 2005

Here v0.02y5j1 Updated 7th June 2005

Here v0.02y5 Updated 6th June 2005

Here v0.02y4 Updated 5th June 2005

Here v0.02y3 Updated 3rd June 2005

Here v0.02y2 Updated 3rd June 2005

Here v0.02y1 Updated 31st May 2005

Information = Snes emulator for the PSP :)

uo_Snes9x for PSP Ver.0.02y1 by y

This is a version of SNES9x with a file selector added.
The actual engine is unchanged so the speed should be the same as other versions.

Additional controls:
Analog stick left will bring up the file selection screen

In game SRAM will be saved when you return to the PSP Menu (by pressing home), load a different ROM, or enter sleep mode.

File Selection is based off of RIN's source.
The unzip library is used courtesy of ruka.

+ Hangup support (Nanashisaso and Mirakichi)
- features Sleep Mode correction
+ File Selector
+ ZIP file support (because of the buffer, maximum size is *4MB*)

(Readme by Smiths, [] )

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