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Description UAE 0.8.25 for PS2 is an Amiga Emulator for the Playstation 2 Console.





uae-0.8.25-ecs-ps2 Executable - ECS chipset.
Get it if you want to just try out.
uae-0.8.25-aga-ps2 Executable - AGA chipset.
Note: this version is slower and takes more ps2 memory.

uae-0.8.25-ps2-src The source files.
Get it only if you have ps2dev installed and want to recompile.

Freeware games HERE



UAE 0.8.25 for PS2
- No '$onny' tools compiler and/or libraries were used to produce the
executable. It was built by the GCC tools and PS2dev free libraries.
- The full uae documentation is stored in the 'docs' subdirectory, here
you are reading the ps2 port info.

- 68000, 68010, 68020 processor cores
- AGA chipset (this port uses hackish solution to save 2.5 mb of the
ps2 memory...also note that AGA emulation is slower than ECS emulation)
- up to 2MB of Amiga memory (note ECS version supports up to 4 MB)
- lo-res (320x256) and mid-res (640x256) graphics resolutions in 32bit depth
- joystick1, joystick2 (2nd joypad required) and mouse emulation
- simple options dialog (supports switching of the disk files and more)
- sound (sound port is crappy, sorry)
- keyboard emulation
- zip and dms floppy images
- embeded irx load (sound and dvd) - the program is host:/ independent :-)

- ps2 ready to boot homebrew programs
- uae.cfg either in mass:/ cdfs:/ or host:/
- kickstart rom - see docs/readme

- press START for options dialog. Note that DVD drive stops, so you can
swap disk if you need to. In the options dialog the CROSS confirms,
CIRCLE cancels. SQUARE on the floppy item ejects the floppy.
- press R2 to activate virtual keyboard (vkb), release R2 to hide it.
If vkb is shown press left/right digital pad to select the current
key. Press the 'up' digital pad button to actually simualte key press
of the current key. L1, L2, R1 buttons are user defined keys. If vkb
is shown press L1 to define L1 button, press L2 to define L2 button
and press R1 to define R1 button.
- joypad 1 (emulates joystick 1 and mouse 1)
- joypad 2 (emulates joystick 2) - if you want to enable 2-joystick mode, plug-in
the second joy pad, restart uae and switch the port mode to "joy-1 & joy-2" in the
options dialog.
- left analog pad emulates the mouse movement. You can speed-up the mouse movement
in the options dialog.
- CROSS - joystick button 1
- CIRCLE - joystick button 2
- SQUARE - mouse button 1
- TRIANGLE - mouse button 2
- SELECT + right analog pad - center screen

Additional info:
- The program reads uae.cfg during startup. In this configuration file
you should specify all required parameters (memory size, kick rom, initial
floppy disk files, cpu core, chipset etc.)
- Files (kickrom, adf files) are accesible from either cdfs:/ or mass:/ paths.
- provide usb_mass and usbd irx modules in the host:/ or cdfs:/ path to
initialize the mass:/ path during startup.
- The AGA binary is separated from the ECS binary due to speed and
memory limitations of the aga version.
- If you want to run A1200 programs be sure to specify:
* kick 3.1 rom file
* cpu core 68020
* AGA chipset
* chipmem_size=4 (i.e. 2 MB of chip ram)

Last words:
This build is the result of my curiosity wether the uae could be compilable
under ps2dev environment and how well will it perform. Unfortunatelly the PS2
is not capable (well, at least not in this port.. :-) to run Amiga emulation
at full speed with no-frame-skip and sound enabled. The sound emulation takes
about 30% of the proccessor time (of the ps2) so it is better to turn it off.
If you really want to go with sound enabled, buy a Xbox :-). Have fun!

UAE team, ps2dev team.


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