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PSP Homebrew

Name = Treasure Hunt

Authors /Website = Zach


Downloads = v0.1 15th August 2005 Here

Information =

This game is a 2 player game which pits Lolo vs Lala in an epic battle to find the treasure chest. Taken from the in-game help, here’s how to play:“

Treasure hunt is a two-player game.
Player 1 controls Lolo
Player 2 controls Lala

The object of the game is to explore the grid and find the treasure chest before your opponent.

Player 1
- Uses the directional pad
- L Trigger reveals a grid square

Player 2
- Uses the face buttons
- R Trigger reveals a grid square

When revealing a grid square:
- An arrow points in the direction of the treasure
- A bomb sends you back to your starting corner
- A number indicates the number of squares between you and the treasure

First player to 15 points wins the game.”

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