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PSP Homebrew

Name = Squarez

Authors /Website = Globware (


Downloads = v0.8.2 Beta 24 26th September 2005

I'm creating a public beta for v0.8.2 of Squarez to help test the new multiplayer features.

New Features from v0.8.1 to v0.8.2
* Control Layout options. In this beta, DO NOT use the L1 key and DO NOT change R1 keys. They are currently being used internally.
* Updated pause menus.
* USB Mode - allows you to connect to your PC and transfer new themes, backgrounds etc. Make sure you press Triangle to re-load squarez data if you add new Squarez related data.
* Added Multiplayer using IR port and WIFI Access Port (infrastructure mode)
* Features True collision detection for sprites which are not squares.

Multiplayer Help:

You will need a wireless access point to test the WIFI Infrastructure multiplayer mode. You will be able to test IR mode.

When using IR mode you should be around 1-2 feet away from each other and aiming your IR ports directly at each other.

When using WIFI Infrastrcuture (WLAN mode) you need to use a network profile which uses a static ip address.

Currently, Multiplayer WLAN only works on port 80 right now. I plan to make this a setting later.

IR Mode:
One player should select a game to play and press X. The opponent should select Join Game. After both psp's sync the Waiting for Opponent screen will disappear and the game will begin. In this beta, during a timed game they may be a 1/2 sec off but each psp will still play out the correct timed amount.

WLAN Mode:
One player should host the game, pressing Square to host. The opponent should select Join Game. If a WLAN connection is ever un-synced, displaying the "!" on your screen try pressing L1 to re-sync the game. Currently this hasn't worked and you will need to re-start the game and re-join again.

Connection Legend:
? - no connection
S x - synced followed by a frame counter, if the counter isn't moving there is a problem.
L - lagging on sync msgs
! - extremely long lag or connection is lost

Currently, debugging information appears at the bottom left corner of multiplayer games.

This is still in early beta, and IR mode and WLAN (non-net) have been tested currently. You may experience problems playing over the net or using bad connections.

Report all problems in this thread.

You should save your original .cfg file before installing this Beta version since settings may change before release.


Here v0.8.1 24th August 2005

New Features in v0.8.1

* Fixed a problem where some people were getting "Error locating default theme folder."

New Features in v0.8

* Added Bomb Blockers which explode after a few seconds. Shrapnal will kill you.
* Added Enemy Hives which spawns generator babies very quickly.
* Added Generator Babies which grow up into Generator Blockers.
* Added Rage! Kill enemies quickly when in powerup mode to gain rage. Then press Triangle to unleash your rage, in this mode you can destroy anything!
* Added Rage Powerup. Gives full rage, but if you miss the powerup it explodes. (shrapnal kills anything)
* Added Custom mode. This allows you to create and play Squarez with your own rules. Simple text files so people can easily share custom games.
* Added scripting to Squarez in all game modes. Currently only a few commands exist, but this will allow you to create unique pre-planned events. Currently scripting must be done on a PC using a text editor and saved to your memory stick.
* Added Themes which include custom menu background, up to 10 game backgrounds, custom sprites, custom sounds and color/text settings. This will allow people to create and share their own custom theme packs. Sound is not required. Default sounds will be used. Up to 10 themes allowed.
* Added a Screenshot viewer.
* Updated the instructions screen and included a control layout help image.

NOTE: I'm not a composer so the music is very simple and created using PSPKick. Future versions will have new/improved sound.

Here v0.7.5 11th August 2005

* Added ability to load up to 10 background images. (place in /background)
* Added Adjust Color settings to Options Menu where you can customize all the text colors and background color.
* Added Log text to lower left corner for displaying info about changing songs, backgrounds etc.
* Added Help Menu System option which currently just turns on/off msgs.

Here v0.7 9th August 2005


* Added new bomber mode which is unlockable by scoring 150 in arcade mode.
* Added 3:00,2:00 & 1:00 timed modes to all 4 games allowing for 16 games.
* Added Top 10 High Score lists and ability to enter initials for all 16 game modes and an option to turn off the lists and revert to older method.
* Player powerup timer will now turn yellow when counter is <= 20.
* Added powerup bar timer to lower right hand corner of screen.
* Added 2 new enemy blockers, smart blockers and generator blockers.
* Added player grenades to arcade and bomber modes. Press square to drop a grenade. Grenade inventory displayed on lower right side of screen.
* Added bonus life powerups every 125 points. Displayed on lower right side of screen near grenades. After death, press Square to use a life, and square again to enter the game. (you will be in ghost mode before entering)
* Added 49 stats from Total Running Time to Grenades Exploded, game timers and game played counters for all games displayable from the main menu.
* Ability to load up to 10 patterns. Must be named pattern01.wav, pattern02.wav, pattern03.wav...

Here v0.6 30th July 2005

* Added Sound F/X and Music.

NOTE: I'm not a composer so the music is very simple and created using PSPKick. Future versions will have new/improved sound. This version is the first early sound release since... I know everyone wants sound now!

Here v0.5 29th July 2005

New Features

* Added true particle effects for bombs and when enemies are destroyed.
* Added Enemy Blockers to Arcade Mode which resist the players powerup.
* Nuke bomb nerfed so Enemy Blockers are immune. Better balance for Nuke.
* Added Instructions option to menu for new players.

Here v0.41 26th July 2005

New Features

* Added particle effects to enemies when they are destroyed.
* Particle effects can be set on/off in options - saved to .cfg file
* Added screenshot counter to .cfg and options so screenshots will no longer get overwritten.
* Added 3 new bomb powerups using particle effects to Arcade mode.
* Added L1 for Pause.
* Added moving squares to splash/menu, options and credits screens for fun.
* .cfg file format (so this is the last time you should delete your .cfg file!)

Here v0.3 22nd July 2005

New Features

* Increased framerate to 60 FPS
* Added Classic, Arcade and Survival Modes
* Options area to select analog desensitivity, turbo adjust and slow adjust.

Here v0.2 19th July 2005

New Features

* Bomb which kills all enemies on the screen.
* Freeze Bomb slows enemies.
* Bomb and Freeze Bomb appear every 10 points but disappear after a limited amount of time.
* Draw Player before enemies to see which enemy killed the player when dead.
* Fixed bug where green square collision detection didn't account for larger purple sized player.

Screenshot code from Shine's Snake

Exiting from Squarez with save your High Score.

Your save game file will be saved to your game directory in a file called squarez.cfg.

Here v0.1 18th July 2005

Information = Squarez is a simple action game utilizing the PSP's analog stick.

Based on a game called Ball by Nicolay Edin and Axel Hammarback, which was inspired by a game called Eskiv made by Jean-Francois Geyelin.


ANALOG STICK = Control Blue Player Square
START = Exit to PSP

Hidden Commands

SELECT = Screenshot (dumped to root ms0:/squarez.x.tga)
TRIANGLE = Programmers Debug Info (#'s enemies and displays player/enemy location info when dead)

* Screenshot code from Shine's Snake

Exiting from Squarez with save your High Score.

Your save game file will be saved to your game directory in a file called squarez.cfg.

Game Instructions

The object of Squarez is to move your Blue square over green squares. When you collect a green square an enemy red square will appear. If you crash into a red square your game will be over. However, if you get the yellow powerup square, your blue square will turn purple and a counter will appear. While in this mode you can destroy enemy red squares by crashing into them. When your timer turns red you'll have less than 10 counts before you turn back to normal. Your score is determined by the number of green squares you collected.


Last minute I changed the display code to draw the player after the enemies, which is a mistake (ahh now I remember why I had placed it first :( ...) Since I draw the player last if you are on top of the enemy, covering it completely then you will die but not see the enemy after your death. Since the player is a 20x20 image and the enemy is a 16x16 image, you will cover the enemy completely.

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