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PS2Emu :: Emulation Gaming & Development News

Emulators for PS1 Pages (They May work on PS2)

NAME Spectrum

Description Spectrum is a Spectrum Emulator for the Playstation 1 Console.

AUTHOR Double Dutch Designs





RetroCoder Spectrum Emulator V1.07

Full speed emulation of the Spectrum home computer, this
emulator requires a subdirectory called "data" that contains the
file "spectrum.rom" - the bios of the spectrum.

This file is available almost everywhere on the net, if you
can't find it - then you shouldn't be using the emulator!

Anyhow, the emulator requires original roms. When you have the
roms you can run the adapt the batch file.

The batch file has been customised for "manic miner", a z80
file - "miner.z80", just change the filename for another
.z80 file... Easy!

A psx system with Caetla, or a friend who can copy the program
to an cartridge, disc or [executable] memory card!

There are two versions of the emulator:

spectrum.exe (disc version) & spectcae.exe (caetla version)

The caetla version uses the pc as a fileserver...

How to create a working version:

1. Get the rom files!
2. Put them in the same directory as the files within this zip
3. Run the adapted batch file
(eg. type 'spectrum.bat' then [return])


Visit or
for more information!

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