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Name = SnesPSP TYL (Snes Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = YoyoFr

Screenshots -

Downloads =Snes9xTYL 0.3 - 2006/02/06 / Discuss this emulator here -->

Since v0.3, there's 2 versions :
- standard, running in user mode, allowing firmware 2.0+ psp.
- me, running in kernel mode and using the Media Engine for sound mixing, only working on firmware 1.0 & 1.5 psp.

[NEW] mode 7 optimizations when no rotation is used (maps in rpg, ...). Does not apply to fzero, mario kart, ...
[NEW] now 2 versions ! the "me" one is using media engine for sound mixing.
[NEW] roms can be deleted from file browser (press SELECT).
[NEW] savestates can deleted from menu.
[NEW] screen adjustement (pseudo calibration) to get rid of those nasty black borders!
[NEW] minor GUI adjustements (easily swap analog/pad, easier navigation with triggers)
[NEW] now accept 8bpp and 24bpp logo.bmp background file.
[NEW] new logo from pochi.
[FIX] some rendering & internal emulation core bugs.
[FIX] stability issues & memory card corruption should be gone (at least on my psp).
[FIX] debug settings are now correctly saved .


Snes9x_TYL v0.2c 23rd August 2005 Here Discuss this release here -->

Second quick update in a row, and should be the last one
[NEW] autosave modified SRAM is now an option (can cause major slowdowns in some games).
[NEW] reverted the directories name for V1.5 to standard KXploit since new names was causing issues on some PSP.”

Snes9x_TYL v0.2b 23rd August 2005 Here Discuss this release here -->

Quick Update to solve minor issues
[FIX] older ini file leading to crash.
[FIX] cpuclock not initialized at startup (need to access menu).
[FIX] low battery 10 seconds-long message not cleared after closing.
[FIX] some wrong timing (autosaving at launch instead of after n minutes, ...).

SnesPSP tyl v0.2 23rd August 2005 Here Discuss this release here -->

SnesPSP TYL V0.2 available
This version should be a lot more stable than previous one, especially regarding memstick corruption & freezing issues.
However, shit happens, so remember to backup all of your critical data/saves, ... ;-)
Remember to use the OFFICIAL FORUM for BUGS and FEEDBACK, since we don't have so many time to spend
on the various forums, we'll mainly check our one.

[FIX] psp accelerated rendering fixed
[FIX] fixed crashing bug with mosaic effects & psp accelerated modes
[FIX] fixed sleep/resume freeze
[FIX] lots of small fixes in emulation core, gui, browser, ...
[NEW] snes BRR decoding in mips assembly (sample decoding, sounds better in man games)
[NEW] snes cpu/hdma optimization
[NEW] ppu optimization (FF6 is eventually playable)
[NEW] implement snesadvance "speedhacks"
[NEW] gui cosmetic enhancements & fixes (correct time, ...)
[NEW] new ppu hacks mode to speed up emulation
[NEW] autosave sram shortly after being modified (usually 1second)
[NEW] auto savestate every n minutes
[NEW] import savestate from uoSnes9x or Zsnes
Get some here : Zsnes save state archive
just place the .zsX file in your psp and use the "Import savestate" menu option
[NEW] help, press Triangle on a menu option
[NEW] started internationalizing (english, french, japanese) (only for menu help, not complete)
[NEW] disable savings features when battery too low (avoid memstick corruption)
[NEW] mode 7 hack to speed up a bit the rendering
[NEW] option to render PAL games as NTSC games (get ride of black border at bottom)
[NEW] per game settings.
Use the "Save settings as DEFAULT settings" to define the default settings applied to every game at first launch.
Use the SQUARE button in file browser to bypass ROM specific settings and use the default ones instead.
Settings are saved on a per game basis, the settings file is created at first menu access after loading a new game.
[NEW] configurable inputs
Nice icon by Pochi

Here SnesPSP-TYL v0.1 2nd August 2005

Feedback and discussion here -->

Information =

New release based on :

LJP Snes module (based on V1.39A of Snes9X).
Some code from first snes9x port on PSP by bifuteki.
unofficial PSPSDK from great people.

Thanks must goes to : community : a wonderful job in a olympic record time !

The original authors of snes9x : You all did more than a great job !
Nem for original discovery that started everything.
All other people supporting us.
Personnal thanks to : smiths, chp, bifuteki.

Important Note about this release :
First, we have decided to release the code of the PREVIOUS version each time we do a
new release. So this version source code will be released once we release the NEXT version.
The reasons are:
People taking our code, add "+alpha nothing" and do not give credit.
If you believe your skills are up to the job, contact us.

Control the versions for a while.
Be able to put a splash screen. (See the reason under)

Second, the emulator will have a splash screen that user MUST read to be able to play the games.
The reason is pretty easy:
Some PSP sites are changing the NFO / ReadMe files to promote OUR stuff as THEIR stuff,
So, untalented people earn money through advertising while people doing the hard work get nothing.
As a result, to make the things clear, our message is embedded and encrypted inside the emulator.


5 Rendering mode :
Mode0 : Optimized Snes9x,
Mode1 : Original Snes9x
Mode2 : Hardware accelerated (using PSP's GU)
Mode3 : Adaptive rendering Mode 2 + Mode 1 (default)
Mode4 : Adaptive rendering Mode 2 + Mode 0
Yes you read well, this version support nearly all the graphics effects of the Snes accelerated with PSP hardware.
Except : offset mode & mode 7.
Priority and blending are fully emulated.
For the moment a few graphic glitches remain, we did our best for the moment in our knowledge. Please understand.

Zipped ROM support.
IPS patch file (have to be the same name as game with .IPS extension : SOE.ZIP => SOE.IPS)
Compressed Savestate with small screenshot.
Auto save of SRAM on game change, exit & Snes reset so you should never lose them ;-).
Gamma correction.
VSync support.
SDD1 encrypted roms (Star Ocean, Street Fight Alpha 2,...)
SA1 (slow), SuperFX (slow), C4, DSP1 support.
Multiple sound frequencies : 22Khz, 32Khz, 44Khz.
Multiple stretching mode with or without smoothing
Detailed Battery informations.
222,266 & 333Mhz PSP frequency.
Snapshot based Icon per game. Take a snapshot while ingame (using GUI) & then you'll have it in file browser.

Planned future feature: (please DO NOT READ AS everything in next release !!!)

1/FF6 Game speedup. (found a trick after we released, will be in next release, now run at full speed).
2/Sound Emulation moved to the Media Engine. (hope a 10 to 15% increase in performance.)
3/User friendly Cool menu system with realtime help.
4/Netplay in infrastructure mode and adhoc mode.
5/Optimisation of the CPU core emulation (write a JIT and/or rewrite the CPU emulation part in MIPS asm)
6/Rewrite of the PPU rendering to change from "FLUSH" into one pass frame rendering.
7/Configurable Autofire/Configurable input.
8/Display of Snes PAD to be able to understand which color / button name map the PSP.
9/Optimization of mode7 seems possible.(hope a 10 to 15% increase here too)
10/Increased compatibility with games.
11/Setup profile loader : ability to setup profiles per game.
So many user can send us later their setup and we can gather them in the next release.

12/Some CPU core optimization.

13/Try to optimize battery life as much as possible.

14/SPC Player.
15/Speed hacks (SnesAdvance).

SUPPORT US : We know that only a few people give,
so, everyone of you is important.
This emulator is the result of a lot of free time spent coding!
we could have done more relaxing stuff :-)
(Of course, we love coding too !)
This is a freeware, you do not have to pay for it.
Still, if you really want to support us, please send a donation
Something like 5 euro or 10$ is not a big amount of money but
if it can pay for our PSP expenses or/and the restaurant when
the team member meet each other.
Having a tasty free diner with all the team members is good memories and
this is the kind of thing that will keep our motivation up.

We known that most likely 1 people out of 20000 or 30000 will do a donation.
Don't hesitate, we hope that you will not be the 29999 others.
PAYPAL Account is : (If you don't have a paypal account and still want to give us something,
contact us by e-mail at this same adress)

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