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SNES-Station Burning Tutorial by Guichi

First you will need a few tools

cdrwin- you can download a free trial copy at Please dont bother trying to use the newer Prassi Cdrwin as it will not work for this tutorial.

Cdgenps2- The latest version of cdgenps2, you can get it from the utilities section

install cdrwin and then unzip cdgenps2 into any directory you choose. create a new directory and call it "ROMS" in the same directory that you placed the snes-station emulator files into. Open up cdgenps2 and drag the files into the cd layout menu in this order:

Roms Directory

once you have reached this point its time to fix the system.cnf and main executable to match your gameshark/action replay layout. The pictures below will guide you through this process.

highlight the system.cnf and then click the right mouse button

Edit the LBA value of the system.cnf to 12231


Edit the LBA value of Snes_emu.001 to 12232


Once you are done moving the LBA order then its time to
create a bin image to be burned with cdrwin. You can optionally
name your cd volume whatever you wish by pressing the vol icon.

Now its time to burn your bin image with cdrwin. open cdrwin and you should see a menu like the picture below appear. press the first icon with the description "Record disc"

Load the cuesheet bu clicking on the "Load Cuesheet" button at the top
right side of the menu

You will be prompted to locate the cue file for the bin image you wish to burn.
Point it to the cue and then click open. Cdrwin will begin to inspect the cue sheet,
if all is well then you will be able to continue burning.

Now its finally time to burn your image pop in a blank cd and Click on the "Start Recording" button at the right hand side of the screen. Once its done then simply put it in your ps2 and enjoy!


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