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PSP Homebrew

Name = SmashGPSP

Authors /Website = mATkEUpON


Downloads = SmashGpsp v0.2b 8th September 2005 v1.0 Zip / v1.5 zip Discuss this release Here -->

A lot of bugfixes and other improvements in this new version. Multiple character pages
are now supported, the music has been added (mikmodlib), and you can now change
the transparency of the background layer. The menus have also been slightly improved.

Smashpack v2.0 by PSP Brew 21st August 2005 Here

-Added Hiei and Kirby to the character list.
-Has 24 characters in the .zip instead of 12.
-Removed Shadow at it's developers request.
-Couldn't fix Riku or Jedi Link - They, along with Shadow will be re-added when a newer version comes along.
-Fixed Mountain Peaks - Replaced it with a much cooler version.
-Added two new levels - Zero Gravity and Eye of Sauron. In Zero Gravity, I set the gravity extremely low, just a crazy experiment. This update bumped the total levels up to 19!
-Updated readme to warn against installers that have custom characters on their PSP's already.
-Sweet new PSP Game Menu graphics! Thank you PSPortable! I also added the Smash Bros theme music to the PSP's menu.
-Almost all of the characters were tested and should be in working order. Remember to report any unreported bugs [here]. From the tutorial:

Basically, to pick between all 24 characters, here is the process you should take:

1. Open up SmashGpsp.
2. Choose your game type.
3. Once you are in the character screen, dont touch any of the tokens. First, you should go to the second page, look at the guys, and find out where they are located on the 2x6 board. This way you will know where to put your icon and won't have to guess until you happen to fall on the right one.
4. Now that you know their locations, go back to the first screen and choose the people off that page that you need. Now, go to the bottom half and put the tokens in your invisible squares. Dont worry if you choose wrongly, even though you can't see your token, you can still pick it up again.
5. Start your fight and have a blast playing my 18 custom levels only available through the PSPBrew SmashPack v2.0!”

Smashpack by PSP Brew 19th August 2005 Here

Here are the current lists of characters and levels the Generator will have:

Character List:
Chrono, Chun Li, Contra, Coolspot, dante, Forte, Goemon, Gold Elite,
Guile, Harpuia, Inuyasha, Jack, Link, Luigi (original), Majin Yusuke,
Mario (original), Master Chief, Mecha Sonic, Megaman, Megaman Zero,
Metool, Moriya, Pacman, Qwest, Retro Link, Riku, Rockman, Samurai
Jack, Samus, Shadow, Sonic, Sora, Tails, Trunks, Wolverine, Zero.

Level List:
Bowser's Dungeon, Dark Citadel, Deathstar, Mario World, Shark's Mouth,
Pokemon Stadium (original), High (original), Blue Sky (original), Pipe
Dream, Mario and Luigi Flyby, Mario World Basic (originally Small xx),
Mario Brothers 3, Hell on Earth, Sunray, Mario World, Shinobi.

Here v0.2 11th August 2005 / Discussion & Bugs/Credits Here -->

Enjoy the technical advantages of the PSP, in this second version of SmashGpsp.
New menus, 60fps gameplay, bilinear filtering, 222MHz... The 2d engine has been
totally rewrote !!!!

Here v0.1 27th July 2005 (1.5 Version fixed)

New charactars here

Information =

SmashGpsp 0.1 (2005/07/27)


Here is the first beta of SmashGpsp, a N64 Super Smash Brothers "port", released
for Gp32 as SmashGp, and ported to the PSP.

SmashGp reached version 0.4c on the Gp32, you can grab it on the download section
of You will also find a lot more characters in there :)
Thanks to all their authors, they make the game a lot more fun !

The archive is made for 1.5 PSPs. For 1.0, just put the other PBP and the other files
in the same dir.

The controls:

Pad / Analog: control your character
Up / Square / Triangle: jump
Cross: simple move / take object / use object
Circle: super move
L: protection
R + Cross: catch someone (without object) / throw object (+ direction)
Start: pause
Start + Select: return to main menu

Smash moves are triggered when moving fast in a direction + pressing the Cross
button instantly after.

Thanks to and friends for all the work on the SDK. Without it,
this would have never happened.

you can leave me feedback directly on my email:

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