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PSP Homebrew

Name = Slammerball

Authors /Website = MasterQ


Downloads = v0.2 11th November 2005

Changes in this release include:
- Added 2 more levels to the game
- Added an options screen
- Able to shut the background music off
- Able to change the game difficulty
- Added a high score function for each of the three difficulties
- Added animations to the 'Game Over' screen, as well as the 'Level Complete' screen
- Changed the background music
- Changed the graphics

v0.1 8th September 2005

Information = SlammerBall

Version: 0.1
Programming: MasterQ
Graphics: MasterQ
Music: MasterQ


SlammerBall is based off of the PC game 'SlammerBall' made by me a few years ago. The PSP version was completely re-coded from scratch (not to mention in a different language).


You are the SlammerBall, and you have to collect the green targets while avoiding the outside walls and obstacles. Also, once you start moving, you can change directions, but you can't stop.


D-Pad - Movement
L - Back to Main Menu
R - New Game


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