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PSP Homebrew

Name = Secure Text

Authors /Website = Globware (


Downloads = Here v0.1 16th July 2005

Information = SecureText for PSP was mainly released to allow users of SecureText for Windows to bring encrypted files on their PSP with them. So with that said...

SecureText uses RC4 Encryption to encrypt/decrypt messages and then encodes/decodes the message in text format so that it can be transferred through plain e-mail, not as an attachment. (Windows version description which doesn't really apply to the PSP)

SecureText for Windows passes text using the clipboard instead of using files, yet you can manually store the text in a file using Notepad then read it later on your PSP.

Since SecureText encodes the encrypted information into a text format, your files will grow in size. For every 3 bytes, 4 bytes is taken. You would not want to use this to encrypt files which can be sent in binary form.

Future versions may allow the pure RC4 cipher to be used by ignoring the text encoder. This was disabled to keep it compatible with the Windows version.


* Secure/Desecure files using SecureText format, compatible with Windows version.
* Secure/desecure files up to 6 megs currently.
* View files up to 8 megs, yet currently only 65,535 lines will be displayable.
* Ability to delete files.
* Select your own custom backgrounds for filer and viewer. (template included)

See readme.txt file for instructions and how to select custom backgrounds.

NOTE: This is the first beta release, so take caution and make backups when storing important information.

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