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Emulators for PSP

Name = Rin Unoficial (Gameboy/Gameboy Colour Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Various

Screenshots - see other rin page

Downloads = Rin v1.32n1.2 28th December 2005

Rin v1.25 with Battery Life Meter Here 22nd june 2005 by Smiths

This is an unofficial compile of RIN v1.25 with the "Battery Meter" now assigned to a Key Combo (configurable in menu).
Now you can check your battery life anytime while playing without going into the menu.

All Unnoficial Versions are worth trying:


v1.141 with Back up save support Here released 23rd may 2005


v1.12 v3 with Zipfile Support Here Updated 22nd May 2005


v1.12 Optimised Version Here


v1.1 Yoshiro Here Full speed and L&R goes back to menu


v1.1b Here by Smiths (updated may 16th 2005)


v1.11b2 Here Unofficial Gameboy Color Emulator (updated may 16th 2005)

Information = auto Sram save added

Gameboy Emu for PSP plays gameboy and gameboy colour games, based on RIN sources

works on v1.0 psp only

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