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Emulators With Homebrew Rom Special Releases

Name = Rin -Homebrew Rom Compilation

Authors /Website = Mr Marakichi - Coder of Rin -

PD Roms - Supplier of Homebrew GB/GBC Roms -

Coders who Created GB/GBC Homebrew Games

Wraggster - Creator of Special Release -

Screenshots - of each game

Downloads = Here v1.19 Release

Information = Excellent GB/GBC Emulator for PSP complete with 10 Homebrew Roms

The Homebrew Games are

Air Traffic Controller by Graham Packard

Arkanoid Clone

Balloon Man by Johan MacLeod

Block Badger by Tobias Cohen

Car by Darren Scott

Circuit Breaker by The Hex Heroes

Columns DX by Sam Blanchard

Combat Soccer by Mike Kasprzak

Commando Death by The Baron


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