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PSP Homebrew

Name = Quake PSP

Authors /Website = PacManFan


Downloads = Here v0.4 24th July 2005

Discussion Here -->

Well, it's been about a month since I release the last version of Quake, Since that time,
I've been busy working on other projects (PSPSOne), however, I wanted to re-visit Quake and fix
some of the more glaring issues. In this release, the major crash bug has been fixed. I've played
through the first 5 levels with no problems. The framerate is improved because I've set the CPU frequency
to be 333mhz. I've also fixed a few othe small issues. No sound or network support yet, I'll have
to come back to those later. Enjoy!

Information =

Current status:

QuakePSP is mostly working, however it does crash occasionally. I'm working on ironing out most of the issues.


Working around 95%, I could still tweak the framerate a bit.


No sound, now at about 50% done, Most of the code is in place. I need to code a few functions to bridge the sound between the Quake format and the PSP format.


Controls are working well, and can be remapped from within Quake PSP, The control mappings can't be saved or loaded from a file yet though.


This is still a pipe dream until someone (maybe me) figures out how to use the wireless on the PSP. Although in the past few days, good progress has been made. It would be really awesome to whip out your PSP, log onto a WiFi connection, and join a CTF game of Quake.


Download the latest version here.

Or Here

Install instructions:

The EBOOT.PBP needs to be installed in a folder called PSP/GAME/QUAKE-PSP

The pak0.pak file go in the PSP/GAME/QUAKE-PSP/ID1 sub folder.

V.03 Beta

I've enabled the game console, and gotten many of the menus to work properly, The keys can be remapped from within Quake, but there are still a few issues saving them. Added in an icon, and replaced the "PSPDev Application" text with "Quake-PSP"

V.02 Beta
I've mapped a few keys a little bit better based on some user feedback
I'm still working on a few crash bugs and addin in the audio

V.01 Beta

Release notes:
This is a beta version, it may crash, hang up, whatever.
Framerate is pretty decent, and the game is quite playable.
There's no sound in this version. Please report whatever you find.
If someone comes up with a good icon for this, I'd really appreciate

-PacManFan out

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