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Description PVCS is an Atari 2600 Engine Emulator for the Playstation 2 Console.

AUTHOR Bravedog



DOWNLOAD HERE v1.3 Released Jan 5th 2005


Atari 2600 emu for the ps2

This is the first release of PVCS. There is still much work to be done.
Thanks to Dan Boris and Alex Hornby for the original emu code.
I added Ron Fries sound code and Star Path (AR banking).
The Star Path games boot, but the display needs to be worked on.
The code will be released later.

FILES.TXT lists the available ROMS.
Format is:
Game Name,ROM.BIN

R1 Start
R2 Exit game emulation
Select Select game mode
X Fire

Changes v1.1

Added F8SC (Denfender II) and FASC (Tunnel Runner) bankswitching.
Added better error message display.
Fixed problems whem launched from keylauncher.
Added untested CD rom support. (put ROMS in the main dir (cdrom:) with the prg)


Some games have a graphics glitch, so the raster code needs work:
Stampede - needs a fix in pl_draw1, case 6
Demon Attack - Imagic Logo is not quite right (fix pl_draw1)
Many others too....

- Added buttons for p0 and p1 difficulty and color/bw
- X start, Y start offset of some games needs be be used.
- Don't display sprites before HSYNC (Megamania)
- Pause needs to be added.
- Add code to look for *.BIN in ROM dir and remove need for FILES.TXT
- Option to center the screen
- Will not play Burgertime. (This uses a strange banking scheme (E7))
- Two player paddle support
- Game save state
- Zip file support

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