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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Windows

Authors /Website = Slasher


Downloads =

v2 8th October 2005

Well here's V2 of PSPwindows...I've added quite a few nice little touch ups and have included a calculator, paint, file/firmware browsers, a few games, and im sure ive added other stuff too.

Press Start during any game or app and that will exit the program, unless your playing teh pwn just press L. If it gets too buggy at any time just press the restart button at the bottom of the screen and that should fix any problems.

basically same controls as before

Here v1 25th September 2005

Information = This is basically a windows shell, inspired by fluff.( you pwn fluff ) It's in its very early stage considering I made this in only the last couple of days. I hope to include more features , and eventually transfer it over to C++ for even more functionality. Right now it only includes one game made by myself called TehPwn, but I hope to add more games. I have added the ability to change the speed of the cursors falling and the speed of the line moving in teh pwn.

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