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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Weather

Authors /Website = Mcdongle



Downloads = Here 11th July 2005 v1.05

- Added other countries to get their weather too

- Added unit measurement (s for standard/m for Metric)

- Added in other weather icons .These were edited icons from a pack called Konfabulator. I just made a black background,

very crappy job, but I'm no computer graphic artist.

- Up to 9 location ID's can be now stored in the config file, please make sure the totalIds tag is set accordingly to how many you have.

Bug Fixes/Changes
- Changed fonts and colors around so it's more representable

- Fixed description under weather icon, was displaying moon phase.

- Refreshing is fixed

HERE 8th july 2005 v1.0

Information = pspWeather v1.0
by mcdongle

Triangle key - (DISABLED) for refreshing was disabled due to it being somewhat buggy so disregard that message
Circle key - will exit, just as hitting menu and yes will exit
Square key - captures a screenshot of the display and places it at
Cross Key - (DISABLED) used to capture the weather image of your location to view later on.. but isn't working yet

- I will release the code sometime soon after I clean it up a little bit
- Thanks to PspPet's posts on the new structures for sockaddr_in which made this possible.
- I used wifi_sample as a shell to create this.
- The weather icon will not update as of yet, I've not converted over the other images yet

To use: (this was taken from wifi_sample's readme and edited)
* There must be one configuration (multiple configuration selection not implemented)
* Do not use "DHCP" (otherwise the Connecting status will stop at "Waiting for DHCP")

#1) Be sure you can connect to that WiFi net using your PC

#2) Edit \PSP\GAME\PSPWEATHER\pspWeather.cfg and place your zip code in there
NOTHING ELSE! (must be a 5 digit zip code)

#3) run the program on PSP (both 1.0 and 1.50 versions available)

#4) on exit, see file \PSP\GAME\PSPWEATHER\pspWeather-errlog.txt on the memory stick for error logging

I'm sure there are bugs, please be patient and I'll try to fix them, or when I release the source you can =)

- I dunno someone give me ideas =)

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