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Name = PSPVice (Commodore 64 Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = Kristof

Screenshots -

Downloads =

V0.4 Beta : 25th February 2006 / Discuss this release Here -->

What's new :

- Better speed accuracy

- Support .zip files (one or multiple files into zip(s) )

- Save snapshot on MemoryStick. Allow 4 saves for 1 game.

- Improved disk/tape browser with screenshots and info file. Can also display .nfo file from gamebase game archives.

- Save settings on exit

- Enable / Disable sound option

- Scrolling in menu

- Cpu clock, 266 Mhz is now available

- Customizable menu font

- Palette support (Vice format .vpl)

- Use Vice1.18 sources (instead of 1.14)

Bug fixed :

- Sound is now better

- Sound is not disabled when loading a quick snapshot

What is still not working :

- problems with "true drive emulation" option.

- True drive emulation is on

PSPVice v0.3 / Source 23rd November 2005 / Discuss this release here

V0.3 :

What's new :
- Sound !!! (Thanks to Pop Kid for Help)
- 333 Mhz mode is available in menu.
- New keyboard (by WiDDy)
- Add fullscreen modes (croppped / stretched).
- Smooth pixels option
- Support .tap and .prg
- Wider dead zone on analog joystick
- Add dark background behind menu

Bug fixed :
- Hang in menu corrected
- Entering menu pause game
- Select=Menu Start=Pause
- Listbox displayed in menu
- Shortcut SQUARE and CIRCLE disable when keyboard is on
- Analog stick is activated for both joystick at the same time
- Can go back for file explorer
- Sound stopped when in menu or pause.

What is still not working :
- problems with "true drive emulation" option (not working at all).
- some title are really slow (WOTEF D64 is very slow, WOTERF t64 is fast, strange)
- Using arrows is not easy for diagonals (analog stick is better)
- Sprites get stuck in walls in Paradroid (linked to SID emulation, random numbers)
- Some (perfectly working) disk images fail to load with "?LOAD ERROR"

PSPVice v0.2b 5th October 2005 / Discuss this release here

Full screen version

PSPVice v0.2 3rd October 2005 / Discuss this release here

Center Screen
Display keyboard and menu improved
Quick Save/load of snapshots (L1/R1)
Virtual keyboard on triangle button.
Square and Circle emulate "space" and "enter" key

PSPVice v0.1 2nd October 2005 / Discuss this release here -->

V0.1 :

What is working :

- Emulator works

- Speed is good

- Virtual keyboard

- D64 and T64 files support

What is not working :

- No sound

- Sometimes hang when enter menu

- Transparency not working (keyboard and menu display)


Information =

Current version : V0.1 (Oct 05)

Download (Firmware 1.5 required)

Sources (use psptoolchain and pspsdk, available HERE, install doc HERE )

Usage :

R1 : Display virtual keyboard. Circle : Press key, Square : Hold key

Start : Menu

Select : Pause

Comments and whishes : consolecoder AT

Infos :

PSPVice is based on PS2Vice made by Rami Räsänen

Vice is a commodore machines emulator, infos there :

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