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Name = PSP VecX (Vectrex Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Samstag

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Downloads = PSP VecX 1.01 9th December 2005

Information = PSP VecX 1.01
The Vectrex Emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable


This is a port of the Windows-based Vectrex emulator by Valavan Manohararajah known
as VecX ( This version should run
on any PSP with a firmware version of 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0.


Firmware 1.0:
Put the pspvecx directory in the PSP/GAME directory and it should run like any other
homebrew software. It has not been tested under 1.0.

Firmware 1.5:
Put both directories in PSP/GAME. You will now have two options under Game | Memory
Stick in your PSP main menu. One will be corrupted data, the other is the emulator.
There are several utilities that can hide the corrupted folder. Do not delete it or
the emulator will not work in 1.5. The emulator has been tested on 1.5.

Firmware 2.0:
Put the pspvecx directory in PSP/GAME. You will also need to install a 2.0 Eboot
loader if you don't already have one. The emulator has been tested using Fanjita's
loader version 0.8.5 available at Get this loader
or the most recent version available and follow the loader instructions to get it set
up. It should recognice the emulator automatically when you load it.


The emulator will automatically start the built-in game Mine Storm, which simulates
starting the Vectrex with no cartridge installed. Mine Storm is an asteroids clone.
You will notice that the screen is rotated. To play the game you will need to hold
the PSP with the analog control at the top. Use either the analog control or the
D-pad to rotate your ship. The X button fires the ship's blaster, the circle button
fires thrusters to move the ship forward, and the square button performs a hyperspace
warp to a random location.

Known issues:

- It's rotated. This is to use more of the screen so it's easier to see. If I can
improve the graphics, I'll go back to normal orientation.
- Text and numbers are difficult to read.
- No sound. The original VecX didn't have it either, so I have to add that from scratch.
- No support for other games yet.
- No phosphor decay simulation.
- Randomization needs improvement.


Version 1.01 - 8 December 2005

* Added the Mine Storm rom.dat to the compiled code (to make the Eboot
stand-alone like the original console).
* Fixed the failure to display single-pixel and sub-pixel lines.

Version 1.0 - 3 December 2005

* Initial port from windows source.
* Modified original windows source for more cross-platform portability.
* Replaced Windows-specific interface code with PSP-specific code (file
handling, control input, display output).


* Add a loader menu to support Vectrex cartridge roms.
* Add a setup screen to allow emulator configuration.
* Add sound support.
* Add support for overlay files.
* Improve the randomization.
* Improve the timing.
* Clean up and optimize the code.

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