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Name = PSP-UAE (Amiga Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Christophe Thibault

Screenshots -

Downloads = PSP UAE v0.41 31st October 2005

-Compiled with latest PSPSDK and GCC 3.4.4 (2005-10-30). Getting a few more fps in some areas

PSP UAE v0.4 (MIB.42) Here

Changes :
- Several minor optimizations on M68K and Amiga/PSP graphics.
- Semi-transparent ( customizable from Config Menu ) full-featured keyboard.
- Fully configurable button and analog stick assignments from Config Menu/Options ( finally )
: includes flexible assignments of key presses, joystick/mouse buttons to PSP buttons.
: includes flexible assignment of Joy0/Joy1/Mouse to PSP Analog stick/Directional Buttons.
- Auto repeat on menu selections.
- Adaptive Border Padding ( change from Config Menu )
- Load / Save / Default configurations ( 2 slots )
: I use this to load different configs for different games... Joystick/Mouse/keys etc...
- ScreenSave to .bmp file. ( Assign key from Config Menu/Options, START button by default )
: saves to directory where the executable was invoked from ( the non-% pspuae directory )
- Fine mouse movement ( HiRes ) is possible while holding button ( assignment customizable )
- From Config Menu, press Select to shortcut back to the Amiga.
- In the Config Menu ( activated by Select ) : Cross (X) is select, Circle (O) is cancel.

Still single buffered, looking at performance / visuals, I don't think I'll do double.

PSP UAE v0.31 w/kbd 1.0 (MIB.42) Here

PSPUAE 0.31 w/KBD 1.0

Changes to PSPUAE 0.31 :
- Moved statistics screen to Menu/Options/Show statistics
- Added finer mouse movements while the () - Circle is pressed.
- Optimized some drawing related functions.
- Added FULL keyboard :
:: To activate/deactivate keyboard; press [] - Square
If Keyboard is active :
- Triangle : changes position of keyboard to top/bottom of the screen.
- Up/Right/Down/Left arrows : walk the keyboard.
- X - Cross : Press invokes a key-press event,
Release invokes a key-release event.
- () - Circle : presses the "Return" key...

The are 8 sticky keys (Ctrl,Alts,Amigas,Shifts,CapsLock); pressed once
will make them sticky (they will not be released - indicated by red
highlight), pressing again will release them.

Also, please note, this uses a US keyboard layout. If your kickrom is
non-US, there are going to be some minor "discrepencies".
( Just imagine that you connected a US keyboard to your Amiga... )

Thank you Christophe for 0.31.

PSP UAE v0.31 kbd 0.1 (MIB.42) Here

How the keyboard input works :
- Press AND(!) HOLD the [] - Square button.
- Press the Up / Down button ( on the left side of the PSP ) to change the selected key.
- Press the Left / Right to jump to the beginning / end of the keylist.
- Press the () - Circle button to actually "Press" the selected key. ( still holding the [] - square button ! )

At the moment no simultaneous key input is implemented ( like pressing a key while holding this and that ).
I know this is not what you had in mind, but it kinda works for now... ;-)

I am designing the proper GUI... etc...



Here v0.31 July 6th 2005

Chip memory set to 2mb so Monkey Island works again
-File selector improvements
-Added options menu

Here v0.3 July 6th 2005

-Added menu
-Added disk selection
-New icon and background image courtesy of Fred Holgado
-You can now install PSPUAE in any PSP/GAME folder

Here v0.2 July 1st 2005

-Added (crappy) sound support
-Added (crappy) auto framerate

Here v0.1 July 1st 2005

-Initial release. Very alpha, no sound, runs at about 85% speed of a real Amiga 500.

Information =

PSP-UAE is a port of the UAE Amiga emulator to the Sony PSP. You'll need a v1.0 or v1.50 firmware to run it.

WARNING: This game sets the PSP CPU speed to 333mhz! Even though no problems have been seen by overclocking the PSP CPU to 333mhz, you've been warned. The author can not be held responsible for any damage caused to your PSP...

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