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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Revolution

Authors /Website = Denitro /


Downloads =

Here it is, our first full relelase of PSP Revolution v0.1 18th November 2005 / Discuss here -->

PSP Revolution is based off the popular game Stepmania and is compatible
with Stepmania (.SM) and Dance With Intensity (.DWI) song files.
To install additional songs, copy them into pack folders in
"\psp\game\pspr\songs" just as you would in Stepmania

Devin923 and I have been working hard on this first release so we hope you guys like it =)


PSP Revolution Demo 31st october 2005


Thanks for trying out the PSP Revolution Non-Interactive Demo

My good friend Devin923 and I have been throwing around ideas to team up and
co-develop a game for a little while now. After releasing version 0.4 of
Attack of the Mutants, I figured I'd take a small break and team up with
him and see what we could come up with. This preview is sample of what we're
working on. There's still a little to do before we have a full featured
release, but we thought we'd get this release out so people could get a
preview of what we're up to and hopefully give us some good feedback. I Hope
it's going in a direction that seems like it would be fun =)

This is currently a Non-Interactive demo, so the game will play by itself.

To Install, copy contents of 1.0 or 1.5 folder (depending on your firmware version)
in to your "\psp\game" folder

Included Music:
-"I Turn to You"
--Part of song pack "Songs_DJMcFox_PlagueMixOne" by Plaguefox (
--Downloaded directly off

Big Thanks to,
All the people who contribute to and maintain the the PSPSDK project and it's libraries,
All the Homebrew developers for the great apps out there
and the whole psp homebrew community in general =)

Coding: DeNitro
Graphics: Devin932

Have Fun!

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