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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Millionaire

Authors /Website = PSPMillionaire


Downloads =

PSP Millionaire v1.07 26th November 2005 (Custom Question Pack)

- Total Questions now 1000!
- Bug fixes for Custom Questions
- Start button removed as a restart option. Made the game malfunction.

PSP Millionaire v1.06a 21st November 2005

- This is version 1.06 with a fix. In 1.06 I broke the green an

swer light! So this fixes it.

PSP Millionaire v1.06 20th November 2005

- Use Custom Questions added to start menu.
- Custom folder added. Inside this folder is a Question adder in which you can add your your own questions. Adding questions is as simple as typing in the dollar amount, typing your question, four choices, and the answer and clicking Save Question. Please read the ReadMe file for complete details. Using "Use Custom Questions" from the start menu will use your questions in the game. There has to be at least one question per dollar amount or the game will not enter the custom mode.

PSP Millionaire v1.05 16th November 2005

Version Info:
- 100 questions added. Total questions: 950
- Reset Questions option added to start menu. Will clear all previously asked questions.
- More sound effects from the show added.
- Total times won a million displayed.

PSP Millionaire v1.04 13th November 2005

Version Info:
- 100 questions added. Total questions: 850
- Questions will no longer repeat until all questions in that dollar amount have been gone through, even after the game has been turned off. Used questions are saved to files. To clear the questions in case this becomes too slow delete everything in the Qstats.lua file and set all numbers in Counts.lua to 0

PSP Millionaire v1.03 10th November 2005

– Question choices are now shuffled. (Thanks to agentorange for the code)
– Questions now use quotations instead of apostrophes for quotes in questions.
– Simple title screen added.

PSP Millionaire v1.02 7th November 2005

- 100 questions added. Total questions is now 750.
- Ability to walk away with money added by hitting R
- Some typos in questions fixed.
- Audience Poll code updated.
- Total Earnings added to end of game screen. Will add up every time you play, whether in one sitting or also if you turn the game off and play again later.
- A few more responses to answers added.
- Music bug fixed after hitting X at the check screen.
- Font changed
- 50/50 sound effect corrected.
- Audience Poll music now loops until X is pushed.
- Money amount colors changed to orange.

PSP Millionaire v1.01 2nd November 2005

-Version 1.01 changes the way questions are chosen. Now, question answers are selected by using the arrow keys, followed by hitting the X button with the desired answer chosen.
-Includes all questions from Question Packs 1 & 2

PSP Millionaire Question Pack 2 2nd November 2005

PSP Millionaire Question Pack 1 31st october 2005

To install:
You must already have PSPMillionaire 1.0a to install this Question Pack.
Drop all files in the rar file into your PSPMillionaire folder. Let it overwrite all the old files.

This Pack adds 140 questions to the game, bringing the total to 510 questions.

PSP Millionaire v1.0a 26th October 2005

Version 1.0a brings the question count up to 340.
**New and much improved graphics have been added, as well as original sounds from the show.
**New Graphics and sound were done by xangelx.

PSP Millionaire v1.0 24th October 2005

This game is based from the show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".
Version 1.0 brings the question count up to 300. Sound has also been added.

PSP Millionaire v0.5 23rd October 2005

Information = *****PSP Millionaire v0.5*******

For now you must have LuaPlayer installed to play.
Drop the PSPMillionaire folder in your Applications folder in Luaplayer.

This game is based from the show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?".
This is the first release of it and it currently features about 180 questions. This will grow quickly in the next few versions.
There is currently no sound and no start menu, but the playing side of the game is all there pretty much.
This is far from a final version and should not be expected to be perfect.

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