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Emulators for PSP

Name = PSPMAME (MAME Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = TMK

Screenshots -

Downloads = New r0.4 16th August 2005 Comes in 15 Editions :P

Heres whats new:

- Now uses v0.97 core.

- Modifications to the memory

- Improvements to the sound and the quality

- Correcting the fact that effective speed is strange

- Analog input correcting the mounting mistake of system

- Adding description below to the search path of roms and samples

Ms0: /psp/game/mamepsp/ silkworm silkworm silkworm

- CFG retention and correction

CP Release
DE Release
FV Release

IR Release

KN2 Release

KN Release

NB Release

NM Release

NM2 Release

SG Release
SG2 Release

TT Release

TT2 Release

NT Release

SN Release

TC Release

UN Release

UP Release

PSPMame v0.96 r0.3 Comes in 6 editions

Namco Edition Here

Sega Edition Here

Tecmo Edition Here

Irem Edition here

Capcom Edition Here

Favo Edition Here

Information = Arcade emulator for the PSP :)

TMK of PSP Wiki has released a port of MAME 0.96 for the PSP,

Drop the files in PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP and your zipped roms in \PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP\ROMS

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