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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP IR Remote

Authors /Website = PSPet


Downloads =

PSP 1.0 version:
PSP 1.50 version:
Source code:

Information = Hardware Required
Homebrew capable Sony PSP (firmware version 1.0 or 1.50)
One or more of the following:
Robosapien (V1)
ICybie running stock firmware
ICybie running enhanced walkup charger firmware
Windows Media Center computer with "RC6" remote control


General Use
Install the proper version on your Homebrew compatible PSP
Run the program on the PSP
At the start page, select the device you want to control (RoboSapien, ICybie, Media Center)
Use the PSP as an IR remote control for that device.
The buttons are labelled on the screen with the commands.
Certain buttons (like LTrigger and RTrigger) can act as shift buttons. Hold those buttons and new options will show up. Keep holding the shift button and press the regular button.
When pressing a command button, aim the top of the PSP towards the device's IR receiver
Press HOME to go back to the main screen to change devices
Press HOME again to exit the app
RoboSapien Specifics

There are two options, normal or reversed. Pick normal if you are facing in the direction of the robot (your right is the robot's right side). Pick reversed if you are looking at the robot's face (your right is the robot's left side).
There are several shift buttons giving most of the common actions (but not all of them)
Hold LTrigger for left arm, RTrigger for right arm. Hold both triggers for body rocking. Hold the select button for skits.
ICybie Specifics

This is a very boring direct implementation of the standard 12 buttons + Large and Small buttons.
A smarter mode aware remote could be written.
Using special codes, certain walk-up-charger behaviors can be tricked.
Media Center Specifics

Only "RC6" compatible remotes will work. Your media center may or may not work because of the device prefix.
Provides many of the common remote control features. Try out the different Trigger/shift buttons.
If you want to change the button mappings, or the device specific codes, see the source code ("FANCY")

NOTE: these are examples of how the PSP can be used for customized "Consumer IR" remote controls, not limited to SIRCS.
This is not meant as a "universal remote". The technology provided here can be used to write/port other IR programs.

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