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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Guess

Authors /Website = Roberto Villarreal


Downloads = Here 16th October 2005

Information = --| By: Roberto Villarreal |--
--| |--

Thanks for downloading PSPGuess!

This is the first game I have ever
written for the PSP. It is written in
LUA and I had alot of fun doing it. I
hope you enjoy it.

---- Installation

Place "script.lua" and the "images" into
folder into your LUA Player directory,
which should be something like:

"/PSP/GAME/Lua Player/"

If you get an error, change the name
of script.lua to index.lua and that
should fix it.

---- Instructions

The object is simple, guess the number
that the computer picks in the least
number of tries possible.

---- Controls

+ While In The Menu

Cross: Guess Between 1 and 10
Square: Guess Between 1 and 100
Triangle: Guess Between 1 and 1000
Circle: Guess Between 1 and 10000
Pad Down: Guess Between -10 and 10
Pad Left: Guess Between -100 and 100
Pad Up: Guess Between -1000 and 1000
Pad Right: Guess Between -10000 and 10000

+ While In The Game

Pad Up: Add 1
Pad Down: Subtract 1
Pad Right: Add 10
Pad Left: Subtract 10
Shoulder Right: Add 100
Shoulder Left: Subtract 100

+ Press Start To Restart At Anytime

---- Questions? Comments? EMail Me...

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