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Name = PSP Genesis (Genesis/Megadrive Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = Sougen

Screenshots -

Downloads = Here v0.18c 30th July 2005

Just another small update:

- Automatic support for loading old save states (untested since I don't have any old save states around)
- Option to change the sound quality. (44100 is not recommended because it needs a lot of processing power to emulate the ym2612 chip at that frequency), but it's there if you really want it.

Just some info on the 6-button setting. You should only turn it on for games that support it. A lot of games don't handle the 6-button controller properly (which is why there is a 'Mode' button on a real controller that you hold down when you power up the megadrive). I'll have a look at seeing if this can be autodetected.

Just so people won't be guessing/asking later on, I am currently really busy, so there won't be much releases for a while.

Here v0.17 24th July 2005

I've just uploaded the latest version of PSPGenesis. There are a lot of changes in this version, so there may be some unforseen issues, but the major changes are:

- 6 button joystick support
- zip support (using Ruka's unziplib)
- fixed a bug in save states (current saves won't work - if you really,
really want your old save I could consider writing a converter... ).
- user definable controls
- optimized the sound code a bit (more games run faster now).
- games list is now sorted
- implemented new ui
- user skins support for ui
- return to current game support
- frameskip options (note, if you have manual frameskip and the
game cant keep up, the sound will obviously be jumpy if u dont
have auto frameskip on)
- vsync option
- multiple save slots per game
- experimental 50Hz conversion
- added 266Mhz CPU speed setting
- other miscellaneous fixes and features

If you're running a 1.50 psp, make sure you have all the new skin files in the proper directory.

Here v0.16 17th July 2005

Just a small update. I've optimised the display code a little, so you'll notice a speed improvement in all scaling modes now. The emulator should run better than all previous versions.
And JcBoyCool, yeah, the analogue stick and trigger controls is just a temporary measure until a proper ingame ui is written.


Here v0.15 17th July 2005

Sourcecode v0.15 Here 17th July 2005

I have put up a new release of PSPGenesis. This is more of a test to see if people still get the random hangs. I've play tested the emulator for a few hours without any hangs so it looks like that bug is possibly fixed now.

The main changes in this version are:

- Fixed random hangs (hopefully!)
- switched to pspsdk
- Save state support
- Preliminary (unoptimized) Screen Scaling
- (Really ugly) preliminary source release

Currently you can only save/load to one game slot because I don't have an in-game ui, but this will be resolved soon when I rewrite the ui. Please see the readme for the in-game controls for saving/loading and screen scaling (Yes, I know it is a bit fiddly to use at the moment )

The main things on my list of todo's currently are
- 6 button support
- zip files
- ingame ui
- display optimisation
- game compatibility fixes
- emulator optimisation

In regards to the source code, you will HAVE TO read the README.TXT file just so you understand why the source was released in such a messy state as the password for the source code is in that file.

Here v0.13 23rd June 2005

Here v0.12b 20th June 2005

Here v0.11 19th June 2005

The emulator defaults to 222Mhz now, and you can switch it to 333Mhz from the menu.

Here v0.1 18th June 2005

Information =

PSPGenesis v0.1
This is a port of the Megadrive/Genesis emulator 'generator' to the PSP.
It currently runs about 90% of the games with sound support.

This emulator sets the PSP's cpu to 333Mhz, and although the author has played the
emulator for hours on end without any issues, the author cannot be held liable if
this damages your PSP.

- Extract the files in this archive to the following directory:
- [MemoryStick]:\PSP\GAME\PSPGenesis

- The default Rom directory is 'Roms' in same directory as EBOOT.PBP. Although you
can put your roms anywhere on your memory stick.

Menu Controls
[D-Pad] - Browse Files
[Circle] - Start Game / Change Directory
[Triangle] - Toggle 'Sound Speed Fix'
[Square] - Toggle Line/Cell rendering
[Triggers] - Switch between country regions
[Home] - Go back to PSP Browser

In-Game Controls
[D-Pad] - Genesis D-Pad
[Square/Triangle] - Genesis A Button
[Cross] - Genesis B Button
[Circle] - Genesis C Button[Start] - Genesis Start Button
[Select] - Go back to Game Selection Menu

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