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Emulators for PSP

Name = PSPGBA (GameboyAdvance Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = PSP298


new from PSP Emulation News (please credit this site if you use them)

Downloads = Download 76 Freeware GBA Roms from Here ->

PSP GBA Source Here 2nd November 2005

PSPGBA v1.1 25th October 2005 Discuss Here -->


Change in v1.1
- Speed increase, how much, try it and see it yourself
- Add 240x160 screen mode
- Add vsync on/off, can speed-up a little bit for some game

PSPGBA v1.0 Here October 17th 2005 / Discuss this release Here -->

Full 16:9 Screensize

Uses 333mhz Speed

Rom Selector Included

Config Menu

Information =

Game Boy Advance Emulator for the PSP

Unzip the package and copy all files to your memory stick, and from your HOME
screen navigate to GAME MEMORY STICK and select the emulator to run. Follow
the screen instruction to use it.

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