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PSP Homebrew

Name = FTP Client

Authors /Website = Liquid8


Downloads = Updated 10th October 2005 Here v0.99b

Information = PSP FTP Client
by: LiQuiD8d
contact me at:
v .99

A basic ftp client for the PSP. Began working on this in August, 2005. By August 23, I was able to successfully transfer a file via ftp to the psp. I just started learning C about a month earlier, and played around with some of the sdk samples. When I saw the ftp server, I knew a client was needed, mainly as I wanted to do PSP 2 PSP transfers. My original and eventual goal is to create a file sharing program, to make it easy to transfer files back and forth without a USB cable.

My intent with this is more to make the functions available for other programs to access ftp as opposed to a full out ftp client, but I at least have working standalone functionality available for standard use.


When entering text, use Up/Down to change characters, and Left/Right to adjust, and X to confirm.

Once connected, L/R will change the command, and X to confirm.

Note: I HIGHLY recommend turning off the WLAN Power save in your PSP configuration menu, as this seems to really slow and/or cause problems.

Much Thanks goes to:

PSPPet (wifi sample src)
PSPKrazy (ftpd src)
NCFTP/Mike Gleason for some coding and understanding of ftp clients
71M for help and implementation into FileAssistant++
Shazz for additional assistance!
All those who bust their ass in the ps2dev forums, great job!

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