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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Air Hockey

Authors /Website = indianajonesilm


Downloads =

PSP Air Hockey Official Release Version 02 Here 21st August 2005
By Carlos Aldana AKA indianajonesilm

New Features:
AI for single player games.
Analogue control.
New Main Menu.

Press "Start" to enter the Main Menu while in game. (The L button no longer enters the menu).
Make Selections in the menu with either the "Start" or "X" buttons.

When changing Puck Speed, the new speed does not take effect until after the next goal.
You can't enter the menu while the words "Get Ready" are on the screen. Just start the game and once "Get Ready" is gone, then you can hit "Start" to enter the menu.
The AI really sucks bad! (I'll improve it in future versions)

Possible updates for the next version:
Fix bugs relating to Puck Speed, and menu bugs.
Single player game with levels, new backgrounds, and more intelligent AI.

To install, just extract the contents of the ZIP file to the PSP\GAME folder on your PSP.

Thanks to Shine for Lua Player and also for helping me with the menu! Thanks to nevyn for his contributions to Lua Player and also for the paddle acceleration!


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