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Name = PSPages Magazine

Authors /Website = HERE


Downloads = November 7th 2005 Edition Here

Yep, the time has arived, the 3rd issue of PSPages is finally here after a one week delay. You won't be dissapointed though. With 115 pages, its sure to fill a gap for quite a while. We have listened to our readers, and our screen shots are now full screen. Yay!
Theres a couple of minor changes in this issue which yo might spot, as well as the staff page containing some rather GTA inspired titles. So enough of this, just go download it and enjoy.

October 1st 2005 Edition Here

Guy's and girls, girls and guy's, gather round and feast your eyes! The October issue of PSPages is here and available in our donwloads section.
In this issue you will notice our radical new design. This was all thanks to those who were kind enough to give us feedback. Issue one exceeded our expectation with over 2,500 downloads. Now, I am not usually one to do this sort of thing but here it goes. If you like our mag, please feel free to make a small donation by clicking on Donate button on the page. We are not asking for much, even if every person who visited our site donated 10p, it would still help. You are probably wondering why you should donate right? Well to put it simply, if you dont want to then that is fine. However, by donating it will enable us to purchase and review more games and PSP related products which our current personal budgets may not be able to handle. Either way, we hope you enjoy the mag, and keep coming back to us in the future.

September9th Edition 2005 Here

Information = The launch issue of PSPages was set back so we could include news on the European launch of the PSP. Originally scheduled for a September 1st launch to coincide with the launch of the PSP, the magazine would have missed out on the chance to cover the launch. By delaying the launch for a week we were able to include reactions from game shops on how they think the launch went. Rest assured that when the mag is available for download, it will feature some of the most honest reviews you are ever likely to read.

PSPages was originally set up to bring gamers in the UK and Europe a downloadable magazine which they can enjoy reading on the PSP. The idea of such "magazines" is not an entirely new concept however we here at PSPages believe we are the first made by European gamers for European gamers. The reason we decided to make one for this particular area is simple. We are all in the UK and/or EU and know what the scene is like within these territories. Also take into consideration the fact that not all games released in Japan and America make it to European shores and you are left with a purpose. We aim to bring you the relevant news as and when it happens.

Our magazine will feature the latest news, previews and reviews as well as other PSP related stories. You can rest assured that the team behind the magazine has been carefully selected to bring you the most informative and factual information. Here at PSPages, we feel that if a game is poor, then you should know about it. There's no point us giving good reviews for credit if the games are not up to standard. As well as the games, we will also review accessories available for the PSP such as cases, protectors and Memory sticks to help you find the right product when purchasing accessories for your handheld.

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