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PSP NEWS & Lik Sang 30 Day Coding Comp # 2



PSP News and Lik Sang are proud to announce the 2nd PSP 30 Day Coding Competition.

Time to announce the Winner

The judging is made up from 5 Judges, 3 are Coders (Inc Fanjita), Me Wraggster and one Wild card judge, the judging gives marks out of 10 and they are added up, then the winner is chosen.

Heres what our Special Guest Judge Fanjita said about the releases

OK, here goes. I've based my judgements on the following criteria, mainly:

technical achievement


fun/wow factor

completeness and presentation

Quake 2

A great achievement by McZonk, this has come along a long way since the early alpha release that I saw.

This sets the standard for future 3D FPS homebrew for the PSP.

Overall score: 8


A nice faithful asteroids clone, and the addition of a back-story helped with the professional appearance.

My only gripe was that there didn't seem to be a lot of difference from the previous version.

Overall score: 7

Tower Toppler

A fun, cartoony port with great presentation and a novel approach to platforming.

I found it difficult to get to grips with the controls, though.

Overall score: 6

PSP Cloth

I've always had a soft spot for small tech demos, and this is a great little demo of realistic cloth simulation. It's effects like this that add the finishing touch to professional games.

Overall score: 5


A nicely polished port of this fun shooter. With the ability to add new mods, this should have lasting appeal.

Overall score: 7

Missile Command

An update of the existing Duck Shoot LUA game, I enjoyed the missile-command style of play. The addition of downloadable cheats over wifi was a cool addition.

Overall score: 6


This wasn't really my kind of game, but I can see how it would appeal to fans of the genre. The library has obviously been well put together, and there's potential for some great games to come from this in the future.

Overall score: 7


A very nice achievement considering that this is original code and not a port. There are some small visual glitches that give away the beta status, but overall there's enormous potential in this game. Support for v2.0 is also a bonus.

Overall score: 9


At first glance, this is "yet another shell", but it becomes obvious that it's an extremely-well put together one. The skins are slick, the function is broad and well-implemented, and the effortless EBOOT launcher / HOME button handler hides some hard-core code.

Overall score: 9

Heres the scores:

Quake 2 Port by McZonk 42,

Ceres Version 1.2 (1.1a) By Po-Han Lin 28.5,

GALPSP By Karurosu 25,

PSP Realtime Cloth Demo by Cubane 21,

TOPPLER PSP v0.5 by Deniska 37.5,

KETM PSP v0.05 by Deniska 35,

PSP Missile Command by Yashamaru 32,

Iris by PSmonkey, MGFox & Produkt 41,

PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell Version 0.2 by PSP-OSS 36.5,

The Winner is

By the Closest of Scores the Quake 2 Port by McZonk has won the second PSP News and Lik Sang Coding Competition.

the top 4 are

Quake 2 Port by McZonk 42

Iris by PSmonkey, MGFox & Produkt 41

TOPPLER PSP v0.5 by Deniska 37.5

PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell Version 0.2 by PSP-OSS 36.5

Congratulations to MC Zonk for his great port of Quake 2 to the PSP which by a Whisker won it in front of the very impressive Iris.

Thanks to all the judges and all the developers and also our friends at Lik Sang for helping PSP News stage an awesome competition for the PSP Scene

Competition Entries

Entry #1) Quake 2 Port by McZonk

Information - Port of Id Software's Quake II, Full hardware powered graphics, Compatible with FW 1.0 and 1.5

Screenshots -

Download Here 8mb

Entry #2) Ceres Version 1.2 (1.1a) By Po-Han Lin

Information : Space Shootem up with Asteroids


Download Here 12mb

Entry #3) GALPSP By Karurosu

Information: This is a Graphic Adventure Library for PSP. It's a set of functions written in LUA to create Graphic Novel games.


Download Here 7mb

Entry #4) PSP Realtime Cloth Demo by Cubane

Information: Realtime cloth done using Verlet Integration.


Download Here 33kb

Entry #5) TOPPLER PSP v0.5 by Deniska

Information: The goal of the game is to navigate a little green dude toward the top of the tower.


Download Here 1.67MB

Entry #6) KETM PSP v0.05 by Deniska

Information: This is a PSP adoptation of KETM (, tyrian style shmup.


Download Here 3.50MB

Entry #7) PSP Missile Command by Yashamaru

Information: Compilation of 9 various titles - great small games


Download: Here 1.2mb

Entry #8) Iris by PSmonkey, MGFox & Produkt

Information - Great looking 3D First Person Shooter


Download Here 1.6mb

Entry #9) PlayStation Portable Open-Source Shell Version 0,2 by PSP-OSS team

Information: Shell with Audio Player, Image Viewer and much more


Download Here 3.66mb



The contest will run from December 12th 00:01am 2005 to January 10th, 2006.

The contest will end at 11.59pm gmt , (the end of January 10th , 2006).

Software can be for any version PSP.

Submissions for the contest should be messaged to wraggster on the DCEmu UK forums or posted in the Private Developers Forum

Submissions must be new or updated releases and ones that havent been publically released before the winner of the contest is announced. (Meaning that if its a new version of an old release say PSPGBA v1.3 it shouldnt be released anywhere before the winner of the comp is announced)

Submissions will be posted over a 2 day period or less if the amount of entries is small starting January 11th.

Multiple entries are allowed although only the best entry will win prizes.

Entries must be freeware so that when tournament ends they can be distributed.

This competition is open to anyone and all software for the PSP.

The Judging will be done by 5 selected DCEmu Forum Members.

The winner will be announced on the 15th January 2006


The Prize to the winner is a Datel 4gb Hard Drive


The X2 Battery is a direct replacement for your PSP's rechargeable battery, but offers double the capacity of the standard model. Now bundled with a 4GB HDD, it gives you plenty of space for your saves and files on the go.

The 4GB HD uses ultra-reliable Micro-Drive technology. The HD interfaces with the PSP by means of a flexible Memory Stick™ adapter which is plugged into the Memory Stick™ slot on the PSP.

Once connected, the body of the HD attaches snugly to the back of the PSP by means of two location posts which slot into corresponding holes on the back of the PSP. When used in conjunction with the X-2 double capacity battery the 4GB HD forms an ergonomic extension to the PSP which follows the neat lines of the handheld, fitting snugly in your palms. Once connected, you use the 4GB HD just as you would a normal Memory Stick™; you can playback video, MP3s, movies and images and save from inside your PSP games.

Technical Note: If you are experiencing a video-lag or out-of-sync problem, please update your PSP's Firmware. This problem doesn't occur with PSP Firmware 2.00 or above.

Good Luck :)


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