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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP-Rick (Port of Xrick to the PSP)

Authors /Website = Christophe Thibault


Downloads = v0.3 Here 6th july 2005

-Updated sources for PSPSDK devkit
-Fixed hangs in egypt map
-New icon and background image courtesy of Fred Holgado
-Added bullet and bomb mappings to Triangle and Square buttons
-Added map selector
-You can now install PSPRICK in any /PSP/GAME folder

V0.2 HERE 23rd June 2005

V0.1 HERE 21st June 2005

Information =

Homebrew game for PSP

PSP-Rick v0.1

PSP-Rick is a port of xRick (a rewrite of the Rick Dangerous game) to the PSP.

1/ Controls

-DPad : Movement
-Cross : Fire button
-Circle: Jump (same as DPad-Up)

For those who never played the game, Fire+Up fires a bullet and Fire+Down sets us up the bomb.

2/ Todo

-Make Home button work
-Sound support

3/ Credits

PSPRick - Christophe Thibault

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