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Description PS2VICE is a Playstation 2 port of VICE.

AUTHOR Rami Räsänen.







PS2VICE is a Playstation 2 port of VICE. It's user interface and some other thigs is based on PS2VIC.

Following emulators are somehow working:

- C64
- C128
- PLUS/4
- VIC-20

Commodore 64, VIC-20 and PLUS/4 emulators are running most games and utilities at 100% speed with FastSID and no full 1541 emulation. With reSID, most games do not work at 100% speed.

Games and applications can be easily loaded from menu. Currently memory cards, CD/DVD and host-drive is supported.

For CD/DVD version, there is also vicemenu, which lets you select what emulator you would like to load.

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