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Description PS2VIC is a Commodore Vic20 Emulator for the Playstation 2 Console.

AUTHOR Rami Räsänen.






PS2VIC is a VIC-20 emulator for Playstation 2 platform. It runs on native Playstation 2 environment (i.e. not PS2Linux). PS2VIC is written by Rami Räsänen.


- Full frame rate
- PAL and NTSC emulation and video output
- Audio emulation
- Virtual keyboard
- USB keyboard support
- Menu for changing settings and running software

You may notice that no cassette or disk drive emulation is implemented. You can still run software on PS2VIC. PS2VIC loads PRG files directly to VIC-20's memory. Currently D64 disk images cannot be used with PS2VIC.

Almost every commercial VIC-20 software runs on PS2VIC. However, the emulation is no perfect. CPU fetch and store is not emulated cycle based, this causes some demos not behaving correctly. PS2VIC uses a M6502 core from the MAME project. Timing of all opcodes in this core is not perfect. I have fixed some opcodes, but it probably still has some bugs.

Attention! No firmware or software files are distributed with PS2VIC, you will have to get them from elsewhere.

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