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NAME PS2 Quake

Description Port of the classic game Quake to the PS2 Console

AUTHOR Nicolas Plourde






This is preview release of quake for the Playstation 2.
The game is now fully playable but without sound. You will
need a usb keyboard and mouse supported by the ps2 (logitech
work well).

There is two elf included in this package one for NTSC and
the other for VGA (sorry no pal but You can add it in
vid_ps2.c). This release was built with stable toolchain
from and ps2sdk (CVS) from I have tested it only on Mac OS X
using ps2client and ps2link 1.23.

To run this thing you only have to execute the proper elf,
have quake id1 directory has host:id1 (Same dir that you run
quake-XXX.elf from) and also have the included irx dir in
your host also (You need the usbd.irx from napalm or sony).
You can use Quake shareware data or the registred version data.

That is it enjoy.

Nicolas Plourde

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