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NAME PS2 Reality Media Player Pro

Description PS2 Reality Media Player Pro is a Divx & MP3 player for the PS2.

AUTHOR Bigboss





Current Features:

* Support for CD-Audio
* Support for CDROM
* Support for NETWORK (ps2VFS)
* Support for MASS (it needs I modulate usbd.irx external)
* and yes, Support for HDD
* complete Support for users of PS2LINUX with possibility of loading from mc or pendrive and an extra for European with the Network the Disc Access of SCEE
* New reproducer of MP3 and CD-Audio (MP3 Station)
* Possibility of retarding or of advancing the audio one (2 seconds), advance and backward movement from pause, etc
* Added some optimizations of code and corrected some bugs, mainly in bookstores (PS2LIB)

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