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HDD Explorer Installer

DMS HDD Explorer Installer v1.0

- Installation Directions

* Burn the ISO included in this archive.
* Boot the CD you just burned containing the HDD Explorer installer.
You will then be prompted to install HDD Explorer. Select OK to
begin installation.
* Once installation is complete, boot to HDD explorer by holding
START on controller 1 and pressing reset.
* Once at the HDD Explorer screen, ensure the HDD Explorer
installation CD is in your PS2, and press triangle to install the
applications which are bundled with the installer cd.

- Bundled Applications

* PGEN 1.1 - most recent PGEN build, with HDD support
* DMS HDD Format tool - allows you to manipulate filesystems on
your PS2 HDD.
* DMS HDD Dump tool - allows you to copy the contents of a CD to a
specified filesystem on the HDD. This is what you will use to get
roms onto the HDD for PGEN.
* Naplink - development tool.

News and Info from the Official Forum:

We're pleased to announce the release of HDD Explorer! HDD Explorer is an application that allows you to boot homebrew software from a hard disc drive(HDD) installed in your PS2. It will work with either "official" Sony HDDs or unofficial(ie "normal") HDDs. You WILL need the HDD to be a newer make(ie don't try to put a HDD that's 8 years old in it) and recommended to be atleast 40 gigabytes.

You will need to upgrade to Flash v1.8 in order to use HDD Explorer. Once installed, HDD Explorer can be booted by pressing the Start button while starting the system(it takes about 15 seconds to boot HDD Explorer).

Bundled with HDD Explorer are a set of applications, including PGEN Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator by that l33t mofo Sjeep. Read the readme.txt file included in the zip for more information, and enjoy!

EDIT: HDD Explorer will NOT work with SCPH 10000, SCPH 15000 or SCPH 18000 models, due to the difference in hardware with those models.

EDIT AGAIN: The "configuration" menu has some settings which you'll notice are disabled. That's because they are currently unsupported by the flash. Some or all of these options will be supported in the future, but which and when has yet to be decided. DO NOT EXPECT OR DEMAND ANY OF THESE OPTIONS. Thanks.


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