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PS2 Independence Installer Readme

Code: Sjeep
Exploit: Marcus R. Brown

This simple program will install the PS2 Independence exploit from a CDROM
onto a PS2 memory card. The usage directions are:

1) Create your TITLES.DB file using the utility found at
2) Create a CD compilation, using the following layout:
- All files from the archive (except this file) placed in the root of the
compilation, including the FILES directory and its contents, unless you
do not plan to use ps2link as the boot program for the exploit
(see below). The file layout of your compilation at this stage should
look similar to the following:


- Your TITLES.DB file is also placed in the root directory, ie:


3) Burn as a MODE2/XA CD.
4) Using whatever method you wish, boot the CD you just created on your PS2.
This will install the exploit and related files onto your memory card
(files are stored in the "Your System Configuration" save).
5) Once the installation is complete, pop in an original PSX game and reboot
your PS2. You should be greeted with the ps2link screen if everything has
gone according to plan.

NOTE: You are not limited to using ps2link with this exploit. The installer
app will copy any files it finds in the \FILES directory on your CD into
the "Your System Configuration" save on your memory card, along with the
actual exploit data. You can replace the ps2link files shipped in this
archive with whatever you want.


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