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PS2 HDD Install Tutorial by Jurai

PS2 HDD Install

Items Needed:
1) A Playstation 2 Network Adapter
2) A 40gig or larger Harddrive*
3) The PS2 HDD Tool from

The first thing you need to do is check if the harddrive you intend to use on your Playstation 2 will fit onto the network adapter. Simply take your harddrive in hand and see if it lines up with the power and ide adapters on the network adapter, if it will properly fit then you are one step closer to a working hdd in your ps2, if not there are two things you can do:
a) The IDE connector has a lil bit of leeway, try pushing it over enough so that it will line up with your hdd.
b) If you still cannot get it to line up, your only hope is to dissassemble the network adapter unit so that you will be able to get the power and IDE properly aligned, this option should be taken as last resort since there is a high chance you will damage your network adapter

Now that you have confirmed that your hdd will fit onto the network adapter, you need to make sure the hdd is properly set so that the PS2 will recognize it. To do this you need to ensure that the jumper settings located on the back of your hdd are set so that the hdd is MASTER. To find the proper jumper settings you should consult the top label of the hdd (where it is usually stated), or refer to any reference materials that came with your hdd.

With your hdd set to master, attach it to the network adapter by lining up the connectors and pushing firmly, the network adapter does not really feel adequate to support the hdd, so do not dangle it around.

Now simply place the network adapter with attached hdd back onto your PS2 as you normally would, you can screw in the screws on the back now if you want but i would wait til you make sure your hdd is setup properly.

Turn on your PS2, it should seem to take a very slight bit longer to startup, and you should be able to audibly hear your hdd unit spin up then spin down, if this happens then your hdd is properly installed, if not, turn off the PS2 and check the jumper settings, also make sure the connection between the adapters is firmly established.

Now that you have your hdd working, you need to format it. To do this boot up the ps2ownz hdd tool either by direct booting or with swap discs.

The utility has a simplistic gui, and do not be alarmed if at first it tells you the device is not found. Click on the format option and press R1 to choose the Submit option, you should see the icon in corner spin for a second, then your file structure should appear. I believe the utility does a quickformat, since when i used a full 40gig drive it still took only a few seconds. You may wish to zero out your hdd ahead of time for the sake of having a nice clean drive to use.

Now your hdd is ready for use, just find yourself some games that support it and enjoy! any questions msg me on efnet, Jurai, ciao.

* a smaller drive can be used but bb nav requires 40gig+

Written by Jurai.

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