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NAME PS2 Beats of Rage

Description PS2 Beats of Rage is a great Hombrew and Moddable game for the Playstation 2 Console.






PS2Bor is a legal and open source port of the popular Beats of Rage engine
for the playstation2. PS2Bor does not contain any copyrighted material at
all and is not compiled or use any parts of sony code. In it's purest form
PS2Bor is a BOR pak file interpreter for the playstation2.
It was written from Neill Corlett's original port. Please see senile's
website at for more informations.
Since I do not own any right on the original code or whatever, and since the
original code DOESN'T contain any license, I won't try to enforce any kind
of license here. But, if you use/modify/enhance it, please be kind enough to
contact me, and submit patches.This port uses PS2SDK, a freely distributed development library available
It also uses GsKit 0.1, by NeoV. Since I am waiting for GsKit 0.2, with new
features and tools, this actual version of PS2Bor does NOT contain pak file
selection, and it also has a few graphical glitches, which should hopefully
be fixed in a next version of PS2Bor, using GsKit 0.2.
There is a known sound glitch during loading time. I either suspect the
actual sound system (a custom modification of isjpcm) to be quite broken,
or the asynchronous fileio system from PS2SDK to be not working correctly.Third party pak files will work with PS2Bor. A number of pak files were
tested during the development of PS2Bor but not all of them are guaranteed
to work. Please do not redistribute this binary along files that may
infringe on the copyrights of others.
Please note that the actual point of this release was only to have a port
of the original engine which was not using any bit of sony code (thus making
the _code_ legal). Furthermore, since it is illegal to possess the sony
SDK, compiling the original port was not possible for people unless doing
warez. This port is meant to be recompiled, modified and enhanced by people
using the free tools available.For further informations and updates, please consult the official website: -- Nicolas "Pixel" Noble -

The software will look for the file "bor.pak" on the same location it was booted. For example, if you use ps2link to boot it from host:, it will try to load the bor.pak file at host:bor.pak. It doesn't reset the IOP, so, it should be able to get benefits from any previously loaded irx, and thus, it should maybe load magically from hdd. No idea though...

Now, you can force the boot location by renaming the binary. If it starts with "cd" (like "cd_bor.elf") it will try to load the file cdrom0:\bor.pak, if it starts with "dvd", it will try to load the file cdrom0:\bor.pak, in DVD mode, if it starts with "host", it will try to load the file host:bor.pak, and finally, if it starts with "mc"... duh... forget about it

The options should be automatically saved on the memory card. Beware, it doesn't tell when it does... but just don't remove the memory card, the joypads, or switch off the console when it does, that is, when you exit the settings menu, or when you finish off the game.


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