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PSP Hardware Reviews

Power Charging Cradle Review

External battery to give much needed extra power.


Lik Sang US$ 9.95 (~5.51 GBP)



Charge your PSP while showing it off inside this display stand.

The PSP Charging Cradle includes a connection at the back for connecting your PSP power adapter or USB cable and also has a light in the front which illuminates when the charger is connected.


-Recharges your PSP

-Display stand

-Works with all PSP systems worldwide

The Review Itself

The PSP with its low battery life and a screen you want to protect at all times leaves you with a problem of where to charge it and safely too, the power cradle is a strong plastic holder for the PSP that will give it a comfortable place to sit whilst you let it charge, the non slip bottom means that its unlikely to be slipping around on most surfaces. i found the angle that the PSP sat in the cradle to be of use for watching movies/UMDs on.

The beauty of this device is that your standard-ac-adaptor connects to a plug on the back side of the cradle and it makes contact perfectly, i also tried the Dual USB/Power cable in it and it was perfect, nothing easier than charging and transferring files at the same time.

This for the price is excellent, although bear in mind you only get the cradle and no extra leads, but everyone will have the standard adapter so it shouldnt be a problem, one minor gripe is that you wont be able to use your headphones while the PSP is on top of the cradle but the cradle is perfect for charging or when transferring files or even when you want to sit back and watch a movie :)

Overall i would give it a 9./10 its another recommended adition to your PSP collection.

The Power Cradle was provided by our Import Supplier of Choice -


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