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PSP Homebrew

Name = Polygon

Authors /Website = The Grey Matter



Downloads = v0.3 Here 17th July 2005

while i prefer to let the game talk by itself, i do have to make several small remarks about this release...

1)for some of you it might seem that there aren't many changes, and while this is is true , it's mostly because most of the changes are in the infra-structure. these changes will allow me me to add more features faster, and shorten the time between the releases.

2) the puzzle game type is a bit laggy, i'm trying to find a way to solve it without overclocking the CPU.

3) in the next release -
- the long awaited jukebox.
- sprite effects.
- better fonts.
- maybe a new graphic theme.

4) and last but not least - i would like to thank to Steve Bisson for creating the audio tracks for this release. in this version there is only one background track. in the next releases i promise to include them all as part of the jukebox!
thank you Steve, i hope there will be more great people like you in the homebrew scene.

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